Fin d'utilisation de SquawkBox chez IVAO ????

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Fin d'utilisation de SquawkBox chez IVAO ????

Message par Egidio » vendredi 3 oct. 2008 - 16:15

Voici le topic de Kenny pour la France et Belgique :

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End-of-Life Intention Announcement: SquawkBox 2.x and ProController
« le: Dcembre 27, 2007, 19:03:23 »


Dear members,

The Logistics and Software Development Departments of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation want to inform you of their intention to put the SquawkBox 2.3 and ProController products in an end-of-life state. This effectively means that the use of this software will not be supported anymore by the IVAO network.

During the last years IVAO has largely work on improving the security of their networks and more specifically the access to our networks. Sadly this leads to incompatibility with the older SquawkBox and ProController software. Added to that we experienced more and more issues to remain compatible with these old software products. At last, our statistics give a view that only very few people still use the old software.

Therefore both departments came to the conclusion that it is better to look at the future and to announce our intention to put both SquawkBox 2.x and ProController in an end-of-life state.

It is our intention to terminate the support for both products by March 1st, 2008. This gives a transition period of 2 months where people, who still use the older software, to upgrade to newer products to remain compatible with our network. To help the transition, we've made a small summary of the possible impact for you:

- ProController users are requested to switch to IvAc which should run on their systems without adaptations.
- FS2002 or FS2004 users which still use SquawkBox 2.x are asked to upgrade to IvAp v1.3.x which will remain available for all users.
- FS98 or FS2000 users are asked to upgrade their Flight Simulator versions to a more recent product, we are aware that this will probably involve upgrading the hardware of the machine too.

As a last note, we acknowledge that there might be problems resolving from this scenario, therefore we want to ask everyone who is involved in this announcement to get in touch with us in case of problems, if needed we can still think of extending the timeframe. We have created a special forum topic for these issues:,68414.0.html

Kind regards,
In name of the Logistics and Software Development Departments,

Repport par Egidio.

Et ici les réponses :,68414.15.html


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